Remove Points On Texas Drivers License

Even careful drivers may accumulate points on their Texas driving record, and this can have a negative impact on insurance costs as well as lead to an eventual suspension of the driver’s license. The state courts recognize the importance of driver safety and they reward those who complete a traffic safety school or approved defensive driving course. Often this reward is in the form of a reduced fine, but sometimes an infraction can be dismissed entirely, with no traffic points assigned, so long as the individual promises to complete this type of course and present their certificate to the court.

Do You Have Too Many Traffic Points?
Two or three speeding tickets, causing an accident resulting in property damage or personal injury, or operating a vehicle without proper insurance coverage can result in the assignment of points to your driving record. This will lead to higher insurance premiums, not to mention the possibility of having to go without your license for some time. The court will often request that you attend a traffic safety school and complete the exam with a passing score in order to keep your permanent record from being further damaged. These courses must be approved by the Texas Education Agency and there will be a deadline for submitting the completion certificate.

Instead of taking time of from work or traveling to an in-person school, consider the advantages of completing the course online, right from your computer. There are no materials to purchase, there is a one-time signup fee of just $25, and you can take all the time you need to review the material and prepare for the final exam.

Take The Complete Course Online
When signing up for the course, you can pay by major credit/debit card and begin the defensive driving course immediately, or schedule it around your other activities. The fee covers the entire class, from instructional videos to graphs, statistical information and tutorial pages that outline the responsibilities of Texas drivers, the laws and regulations currently in place, how to avoid accidents, strategies for defensive driving, and consequences for driving under the influence. The traffic courts in the state offer drivers the opportunity to have their fine reduced or the infraction dismissed upon competing this type of course because they know that those who become better educated are far less likely to repeat their offense.

Removing Traffic Points
If the court has granted permission for you to take this approved course in order to have an infraction dismissed, you will be given a date on or before which you must present your completion certificate. This can be mailed directly to you after you have mastered the final exam. It will satisfy the court that you have complied with this part of your legal agreement, and will erase the infraction from your permanent record, insuring that no further points are assigned. All this for just $25!

Remember too that insurance providers may also request a copy of this certificate, as they are informed when you accumulate points or are cited for a major traffic violation. Your insurance rates can rise sharply if you do not show responsibility, and completing this approved traffic safety school is the best way to provide proof that you are a safer driver.

Visit for information about the course or to sign up for this unique traffic safety school. Your driving record, accumulated points and insurance rates may very well depend on the completion of this class.

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